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Jackie's Story

Jacquelynn Young, or better known as Jackie, drowned in a boating accident with her father, Jimmy, in the spring of 2003.

Jackie was 16 and loved life, loved people, and most of all loved her family and her many friends. She frequently contributed her time to community events, volunteering in local elementary schools as a student aid, helping at a local Queens old aged home, or just helping friends.

She participated in an Outward Bound Program sponsored by Francis Lewis High School where one of the highlights she enjoyed the most was helping in a neighborhood soup kitchen.

Shopping and music was her thing, and caring for her brother, Kevin, who she always protected.

Jackie’s heart was huge. Her never ending smile, her contagious laugh, her vitality, her perseverance, her kindness, and most of all, her caring nature are remembered by all she touched.

“Unfailingly polite, confident, conscientious, generous, and in the upper, upper echelon of her classes”. “The most beautiful younger cousin any person can have.” “One of the people on the bright side of things all the time.”

Jackie’s legacy continues through the Jacquelynn Young Inspiration Scholarship Fund, helping high school seniors jumpstart a college career.